Friday, February 27, 2009

Is there Anthing more fun than CrAzY Hat Day?

What kind of mother AM I ?

Today when I picked up Ellie from preschool, her teacher handed me a thick packet of papers. It was Ellie's "kindergarten readiness" evaluation. Everything was checked in the "Yes" column and the teacher commented at the bottom, " Ellie is completely ready for kindergarten. She will do wonderfully next year."
I have to admit, I actually felt proud. She "passed" with flying colors! All the things I have been teaching her...being kind, sharing with others, taking turns, being respectful of her friends and adults, talking sweetly to people...are actually sinking into her. I might actually be getting good at this "mothering" thing. Well, I continued on through the stack of evaluations... I shouldn't have. My bubble got burst.
One of the pages was a written conversation between the teacher and Ellie to see how perceptive she is of her world. The conversation goes like this....

Teacher: When is your birthday?
Ellie: I don't know.
Teacher: What did you do on your last birthday?
Ellie: I had a clown.
Teacher: What does your dad do?
Ellie: He puts braces on teeth.
Teacher: What does your mommy do?
Ellie: She goes shopping!

What??? After everything I do and am, that's how she sees me?! I was heartbroken!

I actually had to ask her myself to see if this atrocity was true!
So I turned to her and said,"Ellie, what do you think I do all day?"
She looks at me like I'm totally boring, rolls her eyes, and says, "You go shopping."
Oh my gosh, it is true! So I probe further, "What do I buy?"
And least she didn't say "Shoes!"